Product Highlights

Fraser Custom Equipment regularly produces these products for clients all over Northern British Columbia


the ideal way to access any modular building

These long lasting, portable, grippy in all conditions, and in compliance with the BCBC staircases are very popular at industrial sites.

Standard designs feature generous landings at the top of the staircase and accommodate heights up to 7 feet, widths from 3 to 12 feet, and include straight, left, or right hand side access to the building.

Features include:


Sturdy and ideal for heavy piles

Engineered to hold various weights, these sturdy bins are the ideal to move heavy piles of rock dust, debris, overflow, slag, or even trash.


Fitted with the CAT quick attach system, loaders can easily be hooked up to lift and dump the bins without leaving the cab. All bins come with a unique serial number and a drawing pack stamped by a professional engineer.

Lifting Devices

With an in-house engineering services, a team of welders and fabricators familiar with the construction of custom lifting devices, and a thorough Quality Control process, Fraser Custom is capable of producing all sorts of custom lifting devices, from entire shop cranes to small below-the-hook devices.


Reliable Stationary lifting equipment

This critical piece of stationary lifting equipment is rated to hold loads from 2 to 50 ton, at widths between 3 and 12 feet long. Other sizes of sawhorses available on request.

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